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Session Individual
50 min  $60

Languages: Mandarin

Krystina Ma

Krystina graduated from the undergraduate program in psychology at the University of British Columbia, and then pursued a graduate degree in conseling psychology at Zhejiang University.

She gained over 200 hours of experience in individual and group counselling, as well as 300 hours of supervision and training at Zhejiang University Psychological Centrer. She holds a Peaceful Pregnancy Practitioner certification and is also a Montessori teacher. Her main focus is on academic-related stressdepression, and anxiety, interpersonal relationships, personal growth, and immigrant for individuals of different ages. 

She believes in a people-centered approach, trusting individual's potential and working with them to explore and discover their abilities to reach their goals. She is currently being supervised by BC registered counselling Xu Yang.

Student Counsellor